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Pokut plateau is 15 km from the center of Camlihemsin. It is forbidden to enter the plateau, which you can reach from Çamlıhemşin with a 4x4 vehicle. After you reach a certain point, you have to leave your vehicle and walk.

Pokut Plateau Activities

The closest plateau to the Pokut plateau is the Sal plateau. You can walk through the forest in 20 minutes. We especially recommend you to walk just because it is the shortest and most reliable way through the forest. You can visit Sal plateau and Pokut plateau in 1 day. Some of our guests may be afraid to walk in the rain, but it is the easiest way to walk in the rain. You won't get too wet while driving through the forest. You don't need any guide. Another highland Hazindağ can be reached by 4x4 vehicles. While coming to the Pokut plateau, normal vehicles sometimes force their way out, but no one other than a 4x4 vehicle can cross the road between Pokut and Hazindağ. After 30 minutes through the forest, you can reach the vehicle road in 3 hours by walking. The slope of Maçkun is a little steep, but do not be intimidated. It is a walk that can be done with self-confident, healthy and not very young children. The more advanced hiking route is the Hazindağ-Amlakit and Samistal plateau road. You need to leave early in the morning, walk briskly, and return before dusk without delaying too long to eat and rest. It's a good idea to go with a guide.

It is possible to see deer, albeit very rarely, on the hiking route. According to a rumor, you can see the moon. As a matter of fact, we haven't encountered a bear on the walking route yet. Colorful mushrooms, large hornbeam trees and paved roads are what you can see along the way. It is a very suitable route for forest therapy. It is perhaps the most important therapy opportunity that the region will offer you. You can go on your own, or you can get a guide service. Guide service is not included in our prices.

If the weather is clear, the peak of Kaçkar Mountains, Kemer Kaçkar, Altıparmak mountains, Sal, Hazindağ, Amlakit and Kito plateaus, as well as the Black Sea from the north, and sometimes the Russian mountains, especially in September, can be seen. The most striking feature of the region is that the clouds are lakes from time to time, you can see the sunset and the Milky Way at night.

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Although it is possible to walk in rainy weather, if you do not want to take a walk, you can rest your soul, mind and body in the heat of pilita. Or you can chat with your family without the television.

We recommend that you stay at least 2 nights in order to absorb the air of the plateau.

Must-see places in Camlihemsin are Zilkale, Palovit Waterfall, Camlihemsin mansions. Activities to be done are Rafting and Zipline. Storm Creek, Kemer bridges and Ayder are the most important values ​​known in the region. You may experience some disappointment as there is urban transformation in Ayder right now. We would like to say "enter the water in Ayder spa", but it is also being renewed. You can relax at the local food place in the town center. You can try local delicacies. Çat Valley, Çat Village, Kito plateau, Elevit, Trovit, Palovit, Amlakit and Samistal plateaus are also very beautiful. Especially Samistal plateau is the highest and largest plateau of the region.

There are many tour companies operating in the region. Buklatur, Sendagez, Pokutsal tour we know. There are daily tours starting from Ayder plateau to many plateaus.

Our district has different beauties in four seasons. Each season has its own unique scent. It is a good alternative to experience the cool and rain to escape the heat in the summer. The colors are magnificent in spring. In the winter you can enjoy the snow a little higher.

In winter, there are Snowman Festivals in Ayder. The Pastry Festival is also a remarkable festival. We hope it starts again after the pandemic. Skiing is a sport that started to develop in the region. There are facilities on the Çamlıhemşin road where you can ride a horse or experience adrenaline with a human slingshot. There are many rafting facilities you can see on the Çamlıhemşin road. We recommend the Adventure Park, which is especially appreciated by children and young people, on the Zilkale road. We say don't go without listening to the jumpsuit without playing horon. Be sure to try Muhlama at Sini Cafe or Pokutyaylahouse. We do not have breakfast service at Pokutyaylaevi.

At an advanced level, you can do a peak tour of the Kaçkar Mountains and tent accommodation.

Before you arrive in the area, have an alternative waterproof shoe and rain jacket in your bag. You can choose layered clothing. Air transitions can be fast. When it's sunny, you can suddenly get caught in the rain.

You can buy hams socks, honey, highland cheese, butter, blueberry jam, pushi, boxwood spoons as gifts.


The closest airport to the region is Trabzon airport. There is a car rental facility at the airport. Ardeşen Havaş stop is the closest stop to be reached by airport shuttles. It takes 2 hours from Trabzon. Buses arriving in the region first stop by the Pazar terminal. There is a minibus to Çamlıhemşin from the market terminal every hour in winter and half an hour in summer. You can reach Çamlıhemşin city center - Konaklar neighborhood by minibuses from Çamlıhemşin. At worst it takes an hour. Access to the Pokut plateau from Çamlıhemşin city center or Konaklar district by minibus from Pazar is provided by private vehicles (4x4) or, at best, by high vehicles, due to the stabilization of the road. The 13 km road takes about an hour. This service can also be provided from the Ardeşen Havaş station upon request. For large groups (15 people) there are open-top truck-type vehicles called unimog. Our prices do not include transportation service. Transportation from Çamlıhemşin center to the plateau is provided with 300 TL round trip. In case of pickup from Ardeşen Havaş station, a round-trip difference of 100 TL is applied.

It is possible to reach the plateau by walking. However, it takes quite a long time. If you're lucky, you can find a car. Our prices do not include transportation service. There are minibuses from Çamlıhemşin Center to Pazar and Ardeşen center every hour until 18.00. The fee is 10 TL. There is one flight from Çamlıhemşin center to Rize at 8 am. For the Havaş bus departure times and transportation fees from Ardeşen Center, I suggest you call the Havaş service to confirm.

Breakfast and

Filiz lady's food is quite famous in our region. He serves our guests who want to stay in Pokutyayla house because he likes to spend the summer season on the plateau and prepare more boutique food service. There are many requests for breakfast only in our house, but our desire to offer a more peaceful environment to those staying in our house prevents this. There is a concept called Filiz lady's muhlama, chalazion, ketchup, beans, pickle roasting. Honestly, we cannot be modest about it. It also appeals to vegetarians with its own small garden and the herbs it collects from here. Meals are prepared on a pilita fire in cool weather. We have two meals at our house, breakfast and dinner. In general, our guests prefer walking at noon and there is a concept of two meals in the highland culture. Our kitchen is always open. You can easily watch the preparation phase. Some of our guests are very enthusiastic about entering the kitchen and making their own local products. Honestly, we love it too. Thanks to an Israeli guest, we had the opportunity to learn about a delicious mushroom in the region. Another guest prepared rice pudding with almond and hazelnut powder and introduced us to a delicious taste.

Sini Local Breakfast and Dining Place

You can visit our place for local delicacies from Ms. Filiz or visit our blog page for recipes...

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